Some examples of our work...

Hispanic Heritage Fiesta 2020

During a period of lockdowns and uncertainty revolving around the novel coronavirus, we produced a first-ever virtual Hispanic Heritage Month program. This production included the cooperation and coordination between St. Louis City Hall, the Government of Mexico, and a group of folkloric dancers and musicians that lent their talent to celebrate Hispanic culture during 2020 Hispanic Heritage month.

Special Program: One Year of COVID-19

Special programming directed at the Hispanic Community has been a vital resource to an underserved and vulnerable population such as foreign born, Spanish speaking living in the U.S. This program was produced to cover the first year in the Pandemic and add a latino experience during that time. 

Five Year Anniversary of Ferguson

InSpanish Media llc produces Diario Digital Noticias, a Spanish language news initiative based in St. Louis, Missouri. Coverage of important issues is vital to keep Hispanics informed during transformational events. The death of Mike Brown Jr. changed a community forever and Diario Digital STL carried the lessons of race in America to Hispanics around the world.

St. Louis' First Spanish Language Video Newscast

In order to address rampant misinformation amongst Hispanic communities in St. Louis, InSpanish Media produces InformeSTL, a Spanish language newscast broadcast over the Internet on a daily basis. The program has quickly gained a large following in a short time. 2022 Season begins February 1st.

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