Translation and Transcription

Translation and Transcription

9420853-largeInSpanish Media & Communications is a specialized company that helps businesses and individuals create effective communication tools in Spanish. With native fluency and cultural understanding we provide a wide array of Media and Communication services in the Spanish Language. Our most basic function is Translation and Transcription. As a fully accredited media agent we help you communicate your message in Spanish via Advertising, Marketing, Translation and Consulting.

For more than 14 years, InSpanish Media has been a leader in Hispanic Marketing and Media in St. Louis, helping establish Radio and News Media outlets for the Hispanic Community in Missouri. We currently publish, a full online news service in Spanish with high impact and demand. We strive to bring quality to everything we do and work diligently to insure our clients receive full value with our services.

InSpanish Media & Communications has worked with professionals in many industries and we specialize in corporate communication translation /transcription. Many of our clients seek Hispanic Markets in and out of the United States and often need inside understanding of Hispanic Culture and what the best methods are to communicate their corporate message to Spanish speaking Consumers.

Hispanic Consumer trends are different from American ones in that culture, language and national identity become factors in their purchasing decisions. Understanding how Hispanic consumers buy is at least as important as being able to properly communicate in their own language. Spanish is a very diverse language with many cultural inputs and realities. Marketing and Advertising in Spanish is not an equal proposition all of the time. Simply translating doesn’t always do the job. Culturally relevance plays a big role in how consumers understand the products and services they consume. For example, an Argentine consumer may understand a message quite differently from a Mexican one.

Sometimes companies make big mistakes in assuming that all Spanish is equal and often can create negative effects on the impact they try to make in Hispanic markets. Translation is not enough, such practices have lead to infamous missed translations. How the message is translated, presented and delivered can all impact a brand’s identity and success dramatically.

We stand apart from our competition in that we have native language and cultural understanding that others don’t have. Most translators are academically trained in their second language. Our experience with speaking, writing and reading has been a life long achievement, making InSpanish Media your best choice for handling your Spanish translation, media and marketing solutions.