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Translation Services

IMG_5657As an American raised in Spain, I have had a life long exposure to the Spanish language and my fluency is such that a Spaniard could not detect that I am an American, nor an American know that I speak Spanish. Because I grew up immersed in both languages simultaneously, I have no accent in either language. Indeed many of my clients are surprised at my level of fluency. Over the years I have learned that fluency is not the only issue involved in professional translation services. After all, Spanish is the primary language of 20 countries worldwide. It’s estimated that the combined total number of Spanish speakers is between 470 and 500 million, making it the second most widely spoken language in terms of native speakers. Spanish is the third most spoken language by total number of speakers (after Mandarin and English).Internet usage statistics for 2007 show Spanish as the third most commonly used language on the Internet, after English and Mandarin.

Because Spanish is distributed over a large geographic area, cultural influences may vary the language by the inclusion of native dialects and influences. For example, an Argentine’s grammatical structure may be very different from that of a Mexican. This subtle difference can have a dramatic impact in the course of communication of these two individuals. Although the same Argentine may understand a Mexican very well, the lack of cultural references, mannerisms and jargon will make it obvious to the two of them that they are foreign to each other.

I discovered that Hispanics are much more receptive to information in their own language, even if an individual speaks or understands English well enough. I have also discovered that providing the message in their own dialect of Spanish (Mexican, Argentine, Ecuadorian) has an even greater impact on message receptivity.

I have had the good fortune to travel to most countries in Latin America and have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. During the course of my travels in Latin America I learned to interact with people and focus my Spanish beyond my Castilian fluency. To date I am able to identify the national origin of an individual on how they speak Spanish and even based on their accents when speaking English.

As a Translator and Visual Artist I have found this ability extremely useful and have successfully used these skills to help many companies reach out to Hispanic companies and/or consumers worldwide. This has given me a clear advantage over other professional translation services that often only use academically trained translators that lack the cultural knowledge or level of fluency to understand their target audiences.

Keeping your message on target is a key factor in any marketing and sales effort. Having a professional translator that can accurately translate and make your message culturally relevant can be crucial to the success of any effort to reach out to a Hispanic consumer base.

Did You Know? – I offer free initial consultations to help you determine what you will need to make your translation goals successful. Saving you time and money in the process.